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About The 1944 D Wheat Penny | TheWheatPenny.com
About The 1944 D Wheat Penny. 1944 D Wheat Penny Facts. The 1944 D Wheat Penny was minted in 1944 at the Denver Colorado mint. In 1944 there were 430,578,000 1944 D
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1944 U.S. Pennies – Rare US Coins – Investment Grade – On Sale
1944 PDS Lincoln Pennies, 1944 S One Cent Penny MS 66 RD, 1944 P BU Lincoln Wheat Penny High Grade Coin, VF IN GRADE 1944P LINCOLN...

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Value of 1909 penny

Rare U.S. Coins: Which Nickels, Pennies, Dimes & Quarters
I did a little research to find out which U.S. coins are actually worth something these days. Here’s some of what I found which coins to keep and which are worthless.
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2009 penny | Rare Coins Unlimited
Coin Deals of the Week: This section is a gem of information on all the best deals I have found on Coins and supply from all around the net. I hope...

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