1943 wheat penny

Coupons – they’re not just for groceries
It wasn’t long after Candler’s coupon craze that Mr. C.W. Post, a cereal manufacturer of note, in 1909 put out a penny coupon to promote the New club members receive a Scratcher — take a coin, do some scratching and discover anywhere
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Rare pennies value chart

Sydney Barnes: Not many would debate that he was the greatest bowler ever in the history of cricket
At 56, he was the fifth in the year’s values.” It does the bowler immense credit that the incorrigible romantic in Cardus could not help but be snared by his genius, dipping his pen in loftiest praise while chronicling the deeds of the penny
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Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2013
First Quarter...

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1909 vdb s penny value

Tiny Pieces of Gold Rush History Fetch Big Bucks
According to historians, the rare coins in 25 cent, 50 cent and dollar denominations were struck by jewelers from 1852 to 1857 when there was a shortage of small change in California. Historians say while banks apparently didn’t accept them
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Rare ‘dotted’ 1936 Canadian penny sells for $250,000
An ultra-rare Canadian penny has been sold at a U.S. coin auction for more than 25 million times...

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